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This is a free service offered by LA STARS Professional Development Seminars. LA STARS is not responsible for the accuracy of the listings. This service is available only to teachers seeking employment in Southern California schools and districts.

To submit your name and biographical information to be listed on our Jobs Bulletin Board web site, please fill out the following information.

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Caution: The information you provide will be put on a web page. Anyone will have access to what you submit. Search engines will catalog the information and store it in their search engines for a period of time. If there is any information that you do not want available to the public, you may enter "none" or "n/a."


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Foreign Teachers

If you are a foreign teacher interested in teaching in the United States, here is an organization which may be able to assist you. Visiting International Faculty Program : You can get information at http://www.vifprogram.com/html/teachers/apply-us.html. This service also helps place U.S. teachers in other countries.

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