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Considerations For Taking

Employment in a New Community


  1. What do you need to do to qualify for an entry level credential?
  2. What do you need to do to qualify for full credentialing?
  3. What is the time and money commitment of this credentialing?
  4. What will be the cost of living in this community? housing? transportation? It can vary greatly in California.
  5. What will be your placement on the salary schedule?
  6. How much of your previous experience will be accepted towards salary advancement? Districts usually limit you to about five years of experience starting you on the sixth year, but this can vary greatly. Some districts allow much more.
  7. Are benefits included? medical? dental? vision?
  8. Will you have/need a support system in the new community? family? friends?


Considerations For Taking

Employment at a New School


  1. What are the number of steps in pay scale and where would you be placed?
  2. What is the commute? High schools start earlier with less traffic; elementary schools start later during high volume traffic.
  3. What is the quality of insurance: cost of co-pay, deductibles, eye glasses, dental
  4. Length of school day? What is the number of days actually worked? It can range from 180 to 205.
  5. When are the vacation times?
  6. What will be your number of preps/kinds of classes?
  7. How much respect is there for language instruction in the school?
  8. At a middle school/jr. high, is a language teacher part of a team or considered a minor subject?
  9. Will you have your own classroom?
  10. Supervisor's style: do you like a nuturing, involved boss or one who leaves you alone unless there is a problem?
  11. Duties: cafeteria? bus duty? game supervision? required tutoring?
  12. Is there tuition reimbursement?
  13. Available technology: Computer, LCD projector, TV, Internet access in classroom?
  14. How many personal days/sick days?
  15. Teacher support with supplies, textbooks for each students, workbooks.
  16. Classroom environment: heating, air conditioning, sunshine, quiet, clean, painted, repaired.


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